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About Zest-it® Artists Adhesive Remover - removing Glue Dots

Glue Dots are so effective for all sorts of jobs but difficult to remove when no longer needed.


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Zest-it® Glue Dot Remover now renamed Artists Adhesive Remover


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Glue Dots are so useful especially to Decoupage, Carders and Craft artists, however, like all good adhesive, can be difficult to remove.

The Artists Adhesive Remover will do the job cleanly and efficiently.
It is non-flammable, non-toxic and almost pH neutral, works for removing glue dots, micro dots, sticky pads, sticky labels, foam pads, Velcro type tape and pads, and leaves no residue of itself in the paper.
To remove the glue dot - take a soft brush or cotton bud, apply Artists Adhesive Remover (was Glue Dot Remover) to the surface around the dot.
It also helps to prick the surface of the glue dot with a pin, this allows the remover to penetrate the dot more thoroughly and speeds removal.
Allow the remover to 'sit' on the dot for 1 to 2 minutes, Zest-it is not an aggressive solvent so patience is always rewarded.

Use a spatulas, palette knife or similar to ease around the edges of the dot allowing the fluid to seep under the dot. Use the wet brush or cotton bud to apply a little more, tweezers are useful at this point, hold the dot with the tweezers and slide the brush between the dot and the surface, watch carefully. Ease the dot from the surface and discard.

If sticky residue remains, wet it again with the brush or bud and then use the brush to collect the sticky stuff that remains.

Allow to dry thoroughly - if paper 24 to 36 hours; if a non-porous surface then wipe clean and dry with a soft cloth, leave for 10 minutes to evaporate from the surface.

Because it evaporates completely it leaves no residue in the paper and does not stain - any staining will be from the dissolved dirt removed at the same time as the glue dot.

If the paper has become 'transparent' from the tape/dot it will need soaking to remove the residue - unfortunately Artists  Adhesive Remover will not repair damage to the paper!

Copyright© Jacqui Blackman 2008

Sizes available - 50 ml.

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